Two years ago, Mélissa Leduc was a fulltime student preparing to start out in the workforce. While many young women are brimming with youth’s energy and vitality, Leduc was not feeling at her best. She was struggling with her weight and was looking for a way to get back into shape despite her busy schedule. “I really didn’t enjoy going to a traditional gym and then I discovered the 30 Minute Hit Laval, which was close to home and school,” says Leduc. “I saw they were offering free trials, and I was curious.”

Leduc invited her mother, Lynn Butler, to come with her to the free trial. “I had no idea what it was at first, but Mélissa convinced me to go,” says Butler. “I took a look online and saw that it had something to do with kick-boxing for women, but at first I was concerned that it would be beyond my fitness level.” Both mother and daughter were delighted to find out that the intense 30-minute circuit training is adaptable for all levels, and each move is performed at an individual station for a duration of two minutes. “Everyone works out in their own bubble to the best of their ability, but with the supportive and inspiring trainers on the floor helping you through the circuit, it makes you want to challenge yourself,” says Leduc.

Leduc saw immediate results in her energy and weight loss. “I was able to get back into shape, improve my cardio, tone up, and I felt so much more able to take on new challenges,” she says. The mother-daughter duo have been going to 30 Minute Hit Laval three times a week on average for the past two years. Leduc, 24, has lost a total of 70 pounds since she began. “I acquired a determination and a self-confidence that I didn’t have before,” she says.

Butler, 61, didn’t have a weight loss goal but was looking for a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and relieve some stress. “I needed to move, and I think it’s important to keep moving to boost your moral and to stay youthful,” she says. “The trainers are so qualified, and they really know what they’re talking about.” As a result, she has lost 10 pounds, has much more energy these days and her skin and body have toned up.

Both mother and daughter appreciate the atmosphere of 30 Minute Hit, as they say there is no shame, no need to feel shy and absolutely no competition with the other ladies on the circuit. Butler points out that the franchise also offers other incentives to its members to keep them motivated, such as fundraisers for cancer research, the popular “sticker challenge” and even a monthly Hit Camp, which includes a group workout to keep members engaged. “There’s always something extra to motivate us and challenge us to the next level,” says Butler.

Leduc explains that once you try the Hit, it’s not something you tire of and it’s a lifestyle solution that works long-term. “Going to the Hit for a workout becomes a lifestyle habit, just like brushing your teeth.”