If you have been paying attention, you know that spring is a time of budding new life. Fresh flowers, budding leaves, birds chirping. Sounds and smells of new life remind us new things are possible in our own lives.

It still surprises me how many of us let our busy lives and other people’s expectations cause us to miss this important gift. What would it take for you to recognize new opportunities for new things in your life?

I spend many hours in my waking moments helping people to slow down, to listen to what is going on deep inside. So many of us allow past situations and regrets to keep us living in an old story.

Are you prone to miss out? Could your pace of life be a little out of control? When we understand and believe that new things are available to us, we start to embrace new insights about who we can become. That is why pride is so destructive. Pride says “I know it all,” while humility awakens our vision for the new ways to learn and grow. All of us are prone to miss these moments, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over the years, numerous cultures and religions have held celebrations to commemorate that new life can emerge from what once seemed to be dead. You might have heard of the idea of Easter. It is a Christian celebration that invites everyone to consider areas of their lives that need a touch of new life. Maybe it’s a marriage, or a work situation. Perhaps it’s a broken relationship that needs healing.

Let me be the first to invite you to see spring as a fresh outlook on life. May old hurt or frustrations of the past no longer make you miss the new life that is possible when we believe in something bigger – God – who is making all things new.

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