A lot has happened to I Can Dream Theatre (www.icandreamtheatre.com) since they began their company independently in 2011. With four productions under their belt (and a fifth one, Remembering Titanic, which came out last November), this non-profit organization is making a real difference within the Montreal special needs population and general audiences too.

If you follow them on social media, it's quite evident that their fans are truly devoted. Through a lot of hard work and determination, I Can Dream Theatre continues to develop as an adult special needs performing arts organization; winning fans from far and wide with their great mix of inspiration, fun and awareness.

Since attaining non-profit status, the theatre has been focusing on developing new programs and events that go beyond their initial mandate of producing one major theatre production a year. Their goals involve not only gaining more exposure to the greater Montreal community through schools and local organizations, but also creating more opportunities for the younger special needs population.

Remembering Titanic is the group's latest show, and last November, two performances took place in addition to the theatre’s first annual gala event, complete with cocktails and prizes.

Planned for a launch in 2017, I Can Dream Theatre will have a "travelling troupe" comprised of a smaller version of their current 24 member cast. They will travel to different schools in the Montreal area performing an abridged version of the show "Remembering Titanic". This is the first time the group will be touring throughout the city.

Also in 2017, the group plans to have a summer camp program for individuals with special needs for children 10 years of age all the way to adult. Their goal is to promote performing arts skills (acting, singing, dancing, musical instrument experimentation) all in a camp style atmosphere. At the same time, social and leisure skills will be focused upon.

I Can Dream Theatre also made its foray into film! This past April, a documentary on the group entitled The Making Of A Dream (directed by Merrill Matthews) was shown at the Cinema Guzzo in Saint Laurent to an audience of over 500 people. The film gives a deeper insight into the group, as well as what it takes to put on a production.

I Can Dream Theatre is dreaming bigger than ever!

Find us;
Facebook; I Can Dream Theatre
Twitter and Instagram; @icdtmtl
You can contact I Can Dream Theatre (icandreamtheatre@gmail.com) for the following;

GALA EVENT; If you would like to be a sponsor for our annual Gala event, e-mail us for our sponsorship package.

TRAVELLING TROUPE; If you'd like your students to see Remembering Titanic by the I Can Dream Theatre travelling troupe, let us know.

SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM; If you'd like you join the database for our upcoming summer camp program, send an e-mail. We will contact you once our information becomes available.

THE MAKING OF A DREAM; If you’re interested in having our documentary screened for your students or your local organization, please contact us.